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Silicon Image reveals UltraGig 6400 wireless HDMI

Up ’til now, the WirelessHD standard has been best suited to large, thirsty devices like laptops, AV adapters and projectors. If we wanted video output from a battery-powered weakling of a mobile device, then we’d either be looking at a WiFi-based option like AirPlayDLNA or Miracast, which can sacrifice bandwidth and latency, or at a wired connection like MHL, which effectively means tethering ourselves to the TV. However, Silicon Image claims it’s come up with a new WirelessHD transmitter, the UltraGig 6400, which allows for gaming and full 1080p60 video and yet is easily light-footed enough to fit into a smartphone or tablet.

The company’s optimistic photoshop above shows off the compactness of the module relative to the type of flagship phone it’d one day like to be part of: the silicon itself is 10mm x 7mm in area, or a fifth the size of the older WirelessHD Gen3. Just as importantly, the 60GHz transmitter consumes less power than a smartphone’s own local display (around 500mW, with a 30-foot line-of-sight range), has a mere 5ms latency to allow for interactivity, and shouldn’t add more than $10 to the cost of manufacture. Of course, we’d have to add a little more to that sum in order to purchase the mains-connected HDMI receiver box — but in return we’d get to enjoy all our mobile vices at something much closer to life-size.

By Sharif Sakr for Engadget

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